Month: April 2020

Nutella Bread –  No Oven Needed!

Nutella Bread – No Oven Needed!

My no oven baking chronicles continues today, and I have a simple recipe for you all. All you need is some dough and Nutella (not a sponsored post). I had some dough in my freezer as my current no oven situations only allows me to 

Chocolate Cake – No Oven Needed!

Chocolate Cake – No Oven Needed!

I miss baking, and with everything that’s going, I feel the absence of my oven more so than ever. Our country has extended the national shut down until May 3rd and I really am not optimistic that we will get the all clear or even 

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread – Instant Pot

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread – Instant Pot

Banana bread is probably the one thing that is being baked by almost everyone right about now – and who can blame these bakers? It’s the perfect comfort food, not only to eat but to bake.

As you know from my last post, my oven foresaw the amount of baking I intended to do during this time and took the easy way out when we had that power surge. But, thank goodness for my trusty instant pot and people out there who’ve done the necessary experiments and have come up with reliable recipes that work every time.

Here are my efforts!

Step 1 – gather your ingredients – missing are the chocolate chips. My bananas were SUPER ripe!
Mix everything together and then add lightly floured chocolate chips
Put in a tin with a removable bottom. Line the bottom with foil before putting in instant pot I didn’t do that this time and it had the slightest leakage…
Cover with foil and lower into your trusty pot with a foil sling
Set your pot to 60 minutes after covering loosely with a paper towel and foil
Et voilĂ ! Perfectly moist and delicious chocolate chip banana bread.

For complete instructions, here’s the link for the recipe I used. I didn’t use the nuts but chocolate chips instead. Who needs an oven?

Just kidding, I do! But this electric pressure cooker is filling the void quite nicely.

Happy baking!