Goat Cheese with Caramelised Onion Quiche

Goat Cheese with Caramelised Onion Quiche

If quiche isn’t one of the most perfect food creations that ever existed, then I don’t know what is. It’s such a versatile thing to eat… you can have it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It can be sweet or savoury, with or without meat and eaten hot or cold. I love mine quite warm from the oven but when a late night snack attack hits, a cold slice of flaky delicious quiche hits the spot.

Usually, when I pull one of these together, it is of the bacon, ham or even minced beef variety, but today, I left out the meat and did a goat cheese/ caramelised onion variation. If you’ve never tried this combination, I highly recommend you give it a go. It satisfies that sweet/ salt craving that so many of us have, but to also have it along with a flaky delicious crust… well, all I can ask is, what are you waiting for? Let’s get to baking! 🙂

It was as good as it looks!

Today’s recipe is kind of a non-recipe/ recipe. I’m going to start with the assumption that you already have a favourite pie crust that you are comfortable making. The hardest thing outside of that will be caramelising the onions and truly, that is not hard at all either.

To caramelise your onions, cut up about ten of them… medium – they can be whatever you have on hand – white or yellow. Make sure they are cut in little half moon slices. Add about three tablespoons of a neutral oil to the pan (I like to also add a bit of butter for more flavour) and when the pan is hot (not scorching hot, but when the oil is shimmering) add the onions.

The key to caramelising onions is letting them go for a long time in the pan – about 30 minutes or so – and also not stirring too much as you want them to get nice and brown and stirring too often inhibits this process.

uncooked onions in a pan
caramelised onions

I did let them go for a little longer (about ten more minutes after this after pic was taken) and the results were fabulous. Gooey, sticky sweet onions that proved to be a perfect complimentary ingredient for the goat cheese in the quiche.

With this part out of the way, the next bit was really to throw it all together. I made a custard of about 1/2 cup of half and half and another 1/2 cup of almond milk (you can totally use regular milk or evaporated milk instead – whatever you have on hand!), 2 large eggs, salt and pepper to taste.

Here’s everything pre-assembly:

quiche ingredients
Custard, caramelised onions, herbed goat cheese, partially blind-baked pie crust

The next step is to assemble everything. I threw the onions on the pie shell and then crumbled the cheese over that and then poured the custard over everything as per the next pic:

quiche before baking

Because I blind baked the shell for about 30 minutes before putting in the onions and cheese, it only needed another 35 minutes in my oven to fully cook. I’m not sure the blind baking made it any better (this was my first time doing it) and I may not bother doing it next time.

Et voilà! After l let it cool for a nanosecond, I sliced into it and devoured the perfection that was that delectable little slice. Don’t take my word for it! Give it a try… the tart deep flavours of the cheese are nicely tempered with the sweet deliciousness of the onions and the crust… the CRUST! It just rounds everything out for the best bite of quiche ever.

If you give it a try, drop me a comment here on on my instagram @lickrishvillage or the same on pinterest.

Happy baking!

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