I think it was back in the nineties when I first was introduced to tiramisu while on my lunch break in a tiny Italian restaurant on the South Coast. I’d never heard about it and after being told what it was made up of, I was intrigued. I’d call myself a “trier” and I count new foods among the things I’d make a go at before rejecting out of hand.

And boy, am I glad I tried this delectable dessert! In true form, I ate that thing almost every day for two weeks straight – no kidding! I eventually weaned myself off of it and ate it ever so often, but my love for it never faded.

Over the years, I’ve made it myself once or twice, and on each occasion it was a major fail. The cream either split or it never quite set up. I gave up and just kept to buying it whenever I stumbled on it while eating out.

Fast forward to yesterday when the mood to eat some tiramisu hit me hard. I had the ladyfingers in my pantry but no mascarpone cheese. Luckily, it was our allotted day out to shop and I grabbed the last two tubs that were on the fridge.

I can’t remember the other recipes that I used that were fails, but I’m glad that I found this one that proved to be a success. Here’s what I used to make this one. Traditionally, this dessert has in some alcohol but I left it out and it still was awesome.

tiramisu ingredients
Simple ingredients sometimes makes the best dishes!
tiramisu egg sugar double boiler
Double boiler set up
tiramisu egg sugar mix
After about 10 mins, the egg and sugar should look like this
Mix in room temperature mascarpone cheese. I cleaned the crusty cooked egg residue from the bowl before adding the whipped cream.
Gently fold in your whipped cream
Soak your lady fingers for a second on both sides
Layer in your receptacle of choice
Add egg/ cheese/ whipped cream mix on top, and repeat layer one more time. Refrigerate overnight. Top with cocoa powder before serving.
Feeling grateful to the person that invented this awesomeness

Here is the link to the tiramisu recipe that I used. Follow the steps and soon, you’ll be noshing on this goodness too!


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